Wednesday, February 17, 2010

a parisian birthday party

My sweet little sister is turning 13 next weekend! She has her heart set on a chic Parisian birthday party. The plan as of right now, is to decorate aprons and cook crepes for a group of her girlfriends. After crepes and cake we're planning a fun, Paris inspired polaroid shoot so the girls can take home a little souvenir. But, we still have a few questions...

What should we do for decor? Fresh flowers always go a long way in my book, but she is 13 and I feel like she's going to want a bit more pizzaz. What are some other French inspired dishes that are fun and easy for the girls to make? Do you know of any Parisian party games? If you have any other ideas I would love to hear them! I want to help make this birthday extra special for her.

*She has already hired me to be the party photographer... I'll be bringing the Fuji Instax for sure.


  1. what about a little vintage sheet 'changing screen' with lots of chic accessories to help with the photo shoot? hats, oversized glasses, long theater gloves... i would have loved that at 13, especially because if it's for a camera, it's not dress up, right??

    and lots of black and white. it may not be distinctly parisian, but it makes everything feel glam in my book.

    good luck and happy birthday to your sister!

  2. So much fun that you're doing this for sweet Ali! Strangely, I just saw this post yesterday . . . while for an adult, there might be some things that you could carry over from this Coco Chanel-themed fete? Have fun!

  3. sooo fun! what a cool 13-year-old. i second the photo shoot...that would be super fun with your fuji instax! don't you love it? i just got mine and i'm obsessed, although i think the film's kinda pricey.

  4. Now that is my kinda party. Sounds just lovely!

  5. I so love your blog! and the Parisian party seems cool. There are no suggestions running around my head at the moment so i apologize for that. haha.


  6. so fun! what a chic little sister - i think my 13th birthday had an astrology theme, or something equally gawdy.

    i would suggest lost of chocolate.

    and congratulations on your recent wedding! isn't married life just the best?

  7. Since she is 13 I would say go ahead a tie a few balloons to the flower vases and black and pink come to mind when I think of Paris. I've never been so I don't have many pictures in my head, but I think of art and painting too. Maybe you can set up some easels and they can do a group painting project or have them all do some sort of watercolor painting.

  8. How much fun does this party sound?! I can't wait to hear more!

    I agree with Melissa: balloons would be a fun decor option, as would twinkley lights (christmas tree lights draped/wrapped around the room).


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