Thursday, June 16, 2011

northern exposure: alaska part I

{cruising through Tracy Arm}

{Skagway, Alaska}

{here we go!)

{our helicopter pilot}

{mushers' camp}

{part of the team}

{dogsledding on the glacier}

{sister + puppy}

{the red onion}

{summer colors}

{backpack in bloom}

{exploring Skagway}

We had such an amazing time in Alaska... the mountains were absolutely breathtaking and the forests were so lush and green. One of the highlights of our trip was taking a helicopter ride to the top of the Denver glacier to the mushers' camp located there for the summer. The dogs were so excited to take the sled out and we even got to hold some of the little Husky puppies! It was definitely one of the coolest things I have ever done.

*Coming soon... hiking in Juneau and zip-lining in Ketchikan!


  1. SO fun! I go in about a week and a half and I could not be more excited!! :D My sister lives there and I've been twice but this will be my first time where I get to experience it like a tourist. haha!

  2. that puppy picture is too cute!! so jealous!

  3. You have me so green with envy! What an incredible trip!

  4. I saw your tweet about all this the other day and was SO JEALOUS! These photos are fantastic - I especially love the backpack in bloom and the gorgeous scenery

  5. Such beautiful photos! Happy to hear you had an amazing time!

    xo Nadia

  6. These photos are absolutely stunning-wow! Now I know why my mom is so desperate to take an Alaska trip...

  7. wow, these photos truly are amazing - and what an experience that helicopter ride must have been! And that Husky puppy is too cute! Great post.

  8. dang.... and here i thought that alaska wasn't all that. i was wrong. you guys look like you had such a fun time! awww and your sister's puppy is so adorable!!!


  9. wow! so fabulous! I've always wanted to go----i have to dedicate, this looks like such a beautiful time:)

  10. wow the pictures are amazing brie, as always. Looks like so much fun!

  11. Amazing photos! That little puppy is adorable! I've always wanted to go to Alaska, is it freezing 24/7 or are there some warm days during the year?


  12. what gorgeous photos! you should enter these in a contest or something! stunning! what an amazing experience!


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