Thursday, July 30, 2009

bachelorette party supplies

i'm working on some goody bags for the girls... i'm so excited for this weekend!


  1. what fun!!! you're going to have an amazing time!!! xoxo

  2. Now that sounds like something I would want to attend. How fabulous!

  3. no penis-shaped paraphernalia? *sigh* i guess wine will do.

  4. i know your girls probably have this whole thing mapped out to the very last detail, but here are my (and a dear friend's) suggestions for a fantastic sb weekend...

    grub wine country -
    maddie's tavern
    los olivos cafe

    grub sb -
    hungry cat
    brophy bro's - for harbor scene and food (kiwi would be keen for their fish and chips...)
    milk and honey

    wineries -
    melville - so cute

    not to be a snob, but wineries i would avoid- roblar, kalyra, and firestone - although good they're quite corporate now... but I still think Firestone is beautiful...

    fun times -
    the maverick in santa ynez (cowboy saloon - step up for some great people watching and some line dancing...yee haw!)
    rooftop pool at canary hotel

    irregardless of what you do, i'm sure you'll have a fabulous time...

  5. you are just so damn classy! looks like a blast.


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