Tuesday, July 21, 2009

girl put your records on...

kiwi and i are slowly starting to check things of the wedding "to do" list. next up, sending our dj the final paperwork and some song selections. kiwi and i are both a little nervous.... there is a lot riding on the music and a good dj (in our opinion) can really make or break a wedding. i've been leaning heavily on the awesome play lists over at the flashdance. so keep your fingers crossed!

*i really wish our dj would update the music list they send out... some of the suggestions are positively medieval. i swear, if who let the dogs out was an option i wouldn't be surprised.

(image via the flashdance)


  1. *Shudder* That, or Mambo No. 5, would send me running.

  2. Don't MA's playlists rock? He sends em to me in the MAIL :D


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