Tuesday, April 7, 2009

bridal bootcamp: week one

yesterday i began operation: healthy bride. there will be no crash dieting or get skinny schemes. i've got about six months before the wedding and i would just like to be my healthiest, most fabulous self. i hope that by posting this it will make me more accountable/motivated. wish me luck! here goes nothing...

iso warm up: squat-15, side lunge- 15 sec, leg out- 15 sec, push up-15 sec, arm circles-30 sec (2x through)

shoulders + arms: monday super set: front raise -10, side raise-10, 45 degree raise-10 (3x through) overhead press- 3x10, lat pull downs -3x8, vert pullback (rows)-3x8, shoulder shrugs- 2x15

movement: tuesday 4 laps or 1 mile (slow jog on turns, brisk run on straights)

chest + back: wednesday bench -3x8, flys -3x10, bicep curls- 3x10, triceps extension- 3x12

movement: thursday 4 laps or 1 mile (slow jog on turns, brisk run on straights)

legs: friday stadiums- 3 sets, step up squat (repeat) to the top (yikes, this might kill me)

post stretch: take 5 min to stretch the muscle groups used

5 min abs: (choose three from list) russian twist, crunch holds (3 sec), bicycles (20 reps), v-up, full sit-ups, plank, front leg raises, sit up twists (10 reps each unless otherwise noted)

*thank you to big rob and kelly for this awesome workout plan. i look forward to being a buff (not too buff, mind you) and beautiful bride! note: we are not health or fitness professionals (blah blah blah disclaimer disclaimer)


  1. this is a great workout plan! i'm going to print it out. i love the idea of being healthy--not just skinny :) i'd love to have toned arms for my wedding :) oh, and to answer your question--we are using this company for our wedding invitations, they are amazing! if you get in touch, you can tell them i sent you and they'll be extra nice :) love, joanna xoxo http://www.michaelfuscodesign.com/

  2. as a long time athlete and lifter, this looks like a great work out. So good, i'm printing it out too! i'm not getting married this year but I am turning the big 3-0 and I'd love to be my healthiest self too! Good luck!


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