Thursday, April 23, 2009

bridal bootcamp: week three

this week i sort of fell off the wagon, after doing so well on week one and two... i skipped monday and went to olive & ivy with kiwi instead! it was totally worth it, we don't get many date nights these days and it was fun to go out for cocktails and dinner. that being said, everyday you get to start fresh.

so tuesday kelly and i met at the track and did a light cardio workout. yesterday, kelly came to the gym armed with the next phase of our workout plan... and on the back, a calendar complete with an inspirational photo of carmen electra and the words bikini season is upon us below. oh how i love working out with that girl. this got me thinking about my own fitness inspiration, which lead me right to one of my favorite role models lokelani mcmichael. this girl is amazing. at 18 she became the youngest woman to complete the hawaii iron man. "I've been told my muscles are too big for fashion magazines," says McMichael, who has modeled for Elle, Self, Shape, Esquire, and Nike's latest ad campaign. seriously cool.

below is the addition to this week... rob added a leg program for friday, because kelly and i requested some glamorous gams for all those summer skirts and shorts.

legs: friday
step ups with med ball- 3x10
leg press- 3x10

lunges-walking with glute lift-3x10
lunges-three second holds-3x10

leg extension-3x10
leg curl-3x10
calf raises-3x10

parisi warm up/ 5 min abs before every workout
every workout must finish with 10-15 min of cardio
*we are going to attempt to do this on fridays before work... we'll see how that goes!

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  1. dang, this sounds good! I'm going to have to try it tomorrow!


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