Tuesday, April 14, 2009

bridal bootcamp: week two

week one of operation: healthy bride went surprisingly well... i already feel stronger and more energized. i actually look forward to the gym, mostly because kelly and i gossip the entire time. for week two i am adding leslie's leg workout. leslie is a fellow kinesiology major and overall motivational lady. she yells at me when i try to use the little weights... leslie and i usually do this on tues/thursdays because it is such a light day on the workout plan. week two, here we go...

leslie's leg workout: *warning i am usually so sore post workout that i can't sit down without assistance. this feeling generally lasts all weekend and i try to talk kiwi into carrying me up and down stairs. this side effect is normal, do not be alarmed.

iso warm up: (from week one)

box step up with dumbbells-3x20
stationary lunge-3x20

hamstring curls-3x20
single leg dead lifts-3x20

front loaded squat-3x20
leg press-3x20

standing calf raises-3x20 (you are almost done, and your legs will feel like jello right about now)

5 min abs: (from week one)
post stretch: take 5 min to stretch muscle groups used
*good luck! if this is too much try just adding it on thursdays... i am just working up to two days/week for leslie's leg workout. remember, baby steps. baby steps.

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