Wednesday, June 10, 2009

la vida es un carnival

i've been a bad bride. haven't been thinking much about the wedding lately... but today i was struck by these amazing wedding photos over at snippet & ink. i'm a sucker for a bride with flowers in her hair and a little latin sass.
*using a 400 year old hacienda as your backdrop doesn't hurt either.
(images via snippet & ink)


  1. what a great blog! so glad i found you:)

  2. well, those are pretty fab wedding pics. It is hard to re-invent a wedding pic and somehow I felt that the photographer did just that.

    And the color gray I used in the bedroom is from Behr Paints (sold at Home Depot). Not too expensive and I have to say probably the best color range of any paint supplier.

    The colors I used in my new place are:
    Quietude (living room/hallway)
    Silver Screen (foyer/kitchen)
    Pewter Mug (bedroom)
    Beluga (doors)
    (where DO they get these names??).

  3. Gorgeous! Aren't wedding blogs the best!?

  4. Stunning photos! I love that the flower in the hair trend isn't just for weddings! I'll be rocking homemade ones all summer long! Hobby lobby and a hot glue gun go a long way!


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