Wednesday, June 3, 2009

25 before 25

25 before 25

1. tell kiwi i love him every. single. day
2. buy fresh flowers once a month
3. go on a wine tour
4. take my grandparents out to lunch
5. take a photography class (actually learn how to use the rebel)
6. cultivate my "french closet"
7. get married (!)
8. read. read. read. (specifically: NPR’s summer reading list and meg’s book club)
9. remember to tell my family how amazing i think they are
10. start going to church again
11. master five new recipes from gourmet (kiwi is getting tired of lasagna)
12. check out artlink first fridays
13. order beautiful, personalized stationary
14. write my grandmother letters, not emails
15. travel to a new country (south america this summer, bali for the honeymoon)
16. put money in our travel fund every month (see above)
17. buy organic
18. find a hobby to replace the void left by rugby ( i really miss playing)
19. go to the opera
20. archive/ organize/ print my photos
21. make it through my first year of dental hygiene school
22. go on a picnic
23. learn to love salads
24. take a salsa dancing class
25. throw a fabulous dinner party

*i can't wait to get started.
(photo via ffffound!)


  1. i love this list! and thanks for the link :)

  2. amazing idea! I will have to do this too. My 25 is coming up at the end of the year.
    Happy bday!

  3. ahhhhhhh!! so excited that you have this list AND that you like my online book club. this reminds me....must update what ive been reading AND the book club post!!

    thanks for the shout-out!!

  4. This is such a good idea! I love your list!!


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