Monday, June 8, 2009

waiting on the world to change

it just hit me that my life is changing. rapidly. irrevocably.
i just turned 24. my roommate moved to boston this weekend. i'm training my replacement at work. we leave for south america in three weeks. the wedding is in five months. i start school in august. it's all happening so fast.

*whoa. deep breaths.

(image via ffffound!)


  1. I sympathize! (New baby, selling a house, Jon graduating from vet school, move to new/old state, new job set-up, living by my parents, etc. all in the matter of two months) The deep breathing helps a ton! I've been attempting to be my most-zen self . . . You'll do great! They're all exciting things!

  2. 24 was my favorite year! Live it up!

  3. Happy Birthday!! Enjoy, and take everything in :)


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