Monday, January 25, 2010

our wedding: all dressed up

{the dress}

{getting ready is fun}

{my beautiful mom}

{great-grandmother's mantilla}

{open wide}

{cinderella, sort of}

The morning of the wedding I woke up with butterflies in my stomach... I could hardly contain myself. We had a blast getting ready and the atmosphere was so relaxed. Luckily, my friend Jessica is a licensed makeup artist and another friend owns a hair salon... They made me feel so beautiful. I still looked and felt like myself, just a little more dressed up. When I put the gardenias in my hair I really started to feel like a bride.

My little sister {and maid of honor} looked so lovely and grown up, she is definitely more of a glamour girl than me! My dearest girlfriends came over to help put my nerves at ease and make me laugh. I don't know what I would do without them! My darling mom started tearing up when I put on my great-grandmother's mantilla. It was the perfect finishing touch.

*I loved my little Jeffery Campbell flamenco shoes... I danced all night with nary a blister!

{All photos by the incredibly talented Brittany Strebeck. She is amazing.}


  1. oh i'm so so very glad that you alerted me of the posting of photos. you are divine, my dear. beautiful with a soaring spirit--it's so clear. he is one lucky guy!

  2. Your mother is beautiful. & and so are you! Your hair and makeup are flawless. Love love love the flowers in your hair. I want to do something like that too. Your dress is goregous in the first pic too.

  3. Darling - congrats! You look gorgeous - I'm dying to see more. Especially those flowers in your hair. Maybe your friends can give me hair and make-up lessons - appears I might be on my own in Mexico. So so so happy for you!

  4. wow wow WOW!! so beautiful!!

  5. What gorgeous images & it makes me want to get married all over again! Such an exciting time and those memories will be with you always.

    ps: thanks for checking out my blog - yours is too cute :)


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