Saturday, January 30, 2010

our wedding: eat, drink and be merry

{say cheese}

{my family in a photo booth}

{one for the books}

{under the big top}

{sister of honor speech}

{luminarias by night}

{kisses and cake}

{salsa lesson}

{dance party}

{away we go}

After the ceremony we made a beeline for the reception. First up, was a quick stop by the photo booth... it also doubled as a guest book! Everyone had so much fun striking poses and hamming it up for the camera. The guests went crazy for the mustache props... Kiwi and I died laughing when we looked at all their photos. It's hilarious what people will do in front of a camera once the curtain is drawn!

Before dinner, we wandered over to the cocktail area to mingle and have a beverage or two... Christy and I had made a big batch of sangria the night before but it was gone in a flash! Everyone loved it and wanted the recipe. For dinner we had the most amazing meal catered by Blue Adobe. The menu included pork tenderloin with green chile mashed potatoes, chicken empanadas and to top it all off shrimp and lobster dip. I cannot tell you how delicious the food was... I saw people skipping the tortilla chips all together and just digging into the dip with a spoon. It was awesome. We kept everything casual by serving the meal buffet style on these beautiful plates made from fallen leaves. Many thanks to Joy for the tip! Even our cups and utensils were made from earth friendly materials. It is possible to have a chic event and be eco-conscious.

After the toasts everyone headed straight to the dance floor... Kiwi and I love to boogie any chance we get and the rest of the guests were no exception. All the girls from my old rugby team were there and let me tell you, they know how to get a dance party started. They had the most amazing moves. We saw everything from the worm, to the classic sprinkler. My sweet little Puerto Rican grandmother even gave us a few impromptu Salsa dancing lessons. We had to be dragged away to cut the cake.

At the end of the night the party was still going strong, so Kiwi and I decided to make a quiet exit. We hugged and kissed our family and hopped into our waiting getaway car. I snuggled up under Kiwi's arm and we talked about what a great time we had. We are so blessed to have such amazing friends and family. It was truly the most wonderful day of our lives.

{Photos by Brittany Strebeck}


  1. The "luminarias by night" photo is my favorite.

    I'm so jealous of your wedding.

  2. these are SUCH gorgeous photos. congratulations!!!!!

  3. just went through and read all of your wedding posts and i'd like to say a couple of things:

    1. you are beautiful.

    2. your wedding details were so cute and unique and classy.

    3. i loved everything about your beautiful wedding.

    OK...that's it i think :).

    thanks for sharing all of these details with us!


  4. I'm so glad you shared! Absolutely stunning!

  5. Love these photos... so festive and romantic!!! ;)

  6. i LOVE your wedding. so beautiful and filled with joy. that tent is awesome too.

  7. congrats. when i saw these photos on ESB i was truly taken aback -- and i am not one to be interested in weddings (i think i read her blog as a form of punishment).

    anyways, your big day looked so joyous and merry and achingly happy. perfection.

  8. Darling you look soooo happy! Fabulous. BTW, where did you get your photobooth mustaches. I'm dying to have some for our photo booth!

  9. OMG, the back of your dress...What stunning detail!

  10. ohhhh your photos are so gorgeous! i am tearing up a little :)

  11. I want to be a guest at your wedding. Do you think you guys could do a replay and invite me along?

  12. I LOVE the "salsa lesson" photo - so sweet. Looks like a great party!

  13. What a LOVELY wedding! I'd love to feature it and the playlist you had (if you remember) on my blog all about music and weddings (!

    Let me know if you are interested :)


  14. hey so for some reason i can't find your email address...and i just saw your blog comment, and i can't locate the comment that was supposed to be emailed to me (that would have your email addy) so i'm all over the place. sorry about that! but i'd still REALLY love to feature your wedding! i just need some pics and the soundtrack and i'll link back and credit and all that good stuff. feel free to email me at to talk specifics/send info! thanks much darling :)

  15. I went back and looked at these. WOW.


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