Friday, January 15, 2010

we'll always have paris...

{home on rue elvezir}

{saturday in the park}

{bubbly at the opera}

{we love the louvre}

{cafe break}

{la belle epoque}

{smooching on the seine}

{the city of light}

It's hard to put into worlds how much we loved Paris... We loved our little apartment, Christmas Eve at the opera and exploring the Louvre. We loved sipping cafe au lait, eating crepes and climbing the steps of the Arc de Triomphe. We loved strolling in the sculpture garden at the Musee Rodin, sipping cocktails at the Hotel Keppler and spending our last night gazing up at the lights of the Eiffel Tower. It was the perfect honeymoon.

We'll always have Paris...

*If you're not totally sick of our love fest... there are more photos here.


  1. That looks absolutely amazing!!!

  2. oh that Eiffel Tower picture is gorgeous!!! love it!
    that's the beauty of gives you something to dream about.
    xox alison

  3. I've only been to Paris once, but the blog world always makes me wish I went there at least once a year. It looks like the perfect trip.

  4. Makes me smile (;
    Thanks for the comment! Congrats on the bangs! (;

  5. It looks like you guys had a great time! Very jealous, Paris is on my list of places to visit this year (crossing fingers that my finances will agree with my heart!)

  6. Looks and sounds amazing!!! You'll treasure those memories forever. ;)


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