Monday, May 18, 2009

bridal bootcamp: week six

this week, we're focusing on healthy eating. i recruited a few girlfriends to go all organic, at least for one week. i've noticed i have been putting a whole lot of junk in my body lately (doritos and red bull are not food groups) so i think it's time to make a change. before the wedding i want to be my happiest, healthiest self. how hard can all organic be? here goes nothing...
*my boss was eating jack in the box in the break room this morning. this may be harder than i thought.
(photo via gourmet)

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  1. are suuuuuure red bull isn't a food group? i would REALLY like to believe that it is. :)

    this sounds like a really good plan. you can totally do it. i love your goal of being your happiest, healthiest self before your wedding. it's a beautiful goal!

    in answer to your question about my dress, i got it at h&m. it was less than $30. my momma bought it for me about a month-ish ago so it might still be available!


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