Friday, October 16, 2009

fall, where are you?

maybe arizona didn't get the memo, but it's october and it's going to be 100 degrees on saturday. are you kidding me? i can't wait for things to cool down around here so i can break out the cardigans.

*we've been super busy with wedding stuff, but hopefully kiwi will take me to see this movie tonight. i can't wait!

(fantastic fall image by the lovely jen gotch)


  1. Its still wicked hot here too. Hovering around the 92 degree mark. I'm ready for a break.

  2. Florida didn't get the memo either!

  3. Lol... it's 100 degrees there and only 44 in NYC. Wacky weather

  4. I'd take 100 over 50 and raining. It's been raining all week. No enjoying fall leaves if it's too nasty to go outside.

  5. i hear's 100 degrees here in Los Angeles. i wish we at least had the Fall colors here.


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