Monday, October 19, 2009

wedding envy

pretty much loving everything about this wedding... the light, the flowers, the signs. don't even get me started on the welcome beers in baskets. not surprisingly, it was shot by the infamous max wanger. laid back elegance? yes, please.

*kiwi asked me if i'll ever get sick of looking at wedding photos. answer, no.

(images via duet weddings)


  1. I would feel most welcome with a basket of beer. Ah ha. What a fun wedding that looks like!

  2. excuse me, but you're not married yet. you are not qualified to answer that question.

  3. You are such a fun blogger. I love your pictures. I love your words. Your little snippets are so delightful! It was fun to meet you today!

  4. indeed what a beautiful wedding, love the vintage jars for flower centerpieces...gorgeous. Who could ever get sick of looking at wedding photos?! That's just silly :)


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