Wednesday, October 28, 2009

it's official

we are the proud owners of one bona fide marriage license. i suppose this means we are pretty official. for some reason i got really giggly when they asked us to raise our right hands and read the affidavit. kiwi answered with a solemn i do and i went with a nervous yes and turned bright red.

*i'm going to be a mess during the vows. just warning you.

(image via siete camelias)


  1. So sweet! That's such an exciting time!!! Congrats!

  2. Ahh! It's gonna be PHENOM and I'm super psyched about it! Yay for marriage licenses! ;)

  3. You know what's funny. I totally lost it before I went down the aisle and when it was time to walk...I dried up. The hubs was the one who cried through the ceremony. Ah ha. Congrats! Turns out Meg didn't have a sangria recipe after all. Hope you found one!


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