Monday, October 12, 2009

with this ring

we ordered kiwi's wedding band on etsy this weekend! he picked it out himself. it's made from coyol seed with recycled sterling silver. it really is beautiful.

*as it turns out kiwi has a little streak of green in him... who knew?

(images via naturaleza)


  1. That's so cool he picked it out himself! At least this way, you'll know he loves it when he gets to finally wear it!

  2. I love this! And how cool is it that he picked it out on Etsy?!

  3. I love how unique that is. So cool!

  4. Lady, the ring is very cool. But consider the fact that he's not gonna take it off for the next fifty plus years. I'm worried that wood (er, SEED) sandwiched inside silver won't hold up to all the showers and swims and construction projects and god knows what.

    I was trying to be thrifty, and I planned to buy silver wedding bands, but our jewelry designer talked me into (much sturdier) white gold. I'm so glad she did.

  5. oh, hush: every material has its potential drawbacks (white gold can discolor, platinum dings up, organics like wood might expand/contract, &c). he picked it out himself, and he'll love it: you've got what you need.

  6. i actually tried to point this out to him... but he loved it. and with a price tag like that, we can get him another one for our 50 year anniversary!


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