Tuesday, March 2, 2010

the spending hiatus: temptation

Linda & Harriett sent me a sneaky little email alerting me of the sale they are currently holding. They make the most darling paper goods... I'm dying to send someone this champagne corks card!

*Does it count as cheating if I bought these to use in The Longhand Rally? I am completely out of stationary and I have a pen pal depending on me!


  1. Hahaha! Lord knows I am brimming with stationary.

  2. Haha don't do it! Hold strong! I just posted about how we're struggling together. (;

    Those are really darling though... ugh.

  3. this is my issue with the fucking spending hiatus: everyone posts about stuff they WANT to buy. meh.

  4. you always want what you can't have i suppose. i swear i go months without wanting to buy anything... then this spending hiatus comes along and BAM. i want to buy everything i see.


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