Friday, March 5, 2010

cupcakes and crepes

{13 candles}

{tulips for the birthday girl}

{apron making}

{mastering the art of french cooking}

{delicious crepes}

{bonjour ladies}

{golden girls}

Sister Allie's Parisian fete was a complete success... All the girls had so much fun decorating aprons, making crepes and smiling for the camera. Thank you all for your fabulous suggestions! I can't believe my baby sister is 13.

*Kiwi's birthday is next week and I have no idea what to get him. Men are so much harder to figure out.


  1. music and booze.

    those are my defaults for josh's birthday.

  2. What a fabulously glamorous parTAY. You can't get much better than cupcakes and crepes!

  3. Aw, it looks like a blast! (:

    It is hard buying presents for men... I'm sorry lady. :( Haha.

  4. wow! what an awesome birthday party! seriously, i want that. great photos.

    and good luck with your husband's birthday... oy.

  5. This looks like a wonderful time! Wish I was so tres chic at 13!

  6. that's adorable!!! what an awesome party! i want one, and i'm not 13, sadly.

  7. The party looks amazing!...But I cannot believe that Allie is 13! Where did the time go?!

  8. that looks like a fabulous party! so fun!!! that cake looks the most delicious

  9. That was the best birthday I could of asked for sister! Thank you so much for being my part planner! (:


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