Monday, May 11, 2009

mom's not much for flowers...

mom's never been a huge fan of flowers, or even cards for that matter... what she did request was a new pair of shades. brother jared picked out these sassy ray-ban clubmasters for her. please do not confuse my mother with one of the olsen twins... cowboys have been wearing ray-bans for years. they're really very hip. i think they are just pretty awesome. she will love them.

mom was busy kicking butt at a rodeo in utah this weekend but she will be back later today! happy belated mother's day mom. i love you.
(image found here)


  1. haha! your mom sounds AWESOME! i'll bet she loves the sunglasses. i know i would.

    and i totally agree with what you said on my blog today about all the positivity. it's truly infectious. it can't help but make your day better. i love it too! :)

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