Thursday, May 7, 2009

what to wear to a wedding

(all from urban outfitters, obvi)

kiwi and i are attending a super rad wedding at taliesin west this weekend. a frank lloyd wright inspired wedding... i'm so there. i'm currently facing the age old dilemma, what to wear to a wedding? mr. wright was pretty cutting edge for his time and it is an evening wedding. so, i'm thinking something a little funky but that still makes me feel pretty. really, who doesn't feel pretty in ruffles? the couple getting married is pretty young and arizona events are notoriously casual, but is this ensemble a little too rock and roll? i kinda love it.
*i just realized that exactly six months from today kiwi and i will be getting married. OMG.


  1. love the outfit in the pictures! Your young and the couple is young it perfect, fresh, and todays style! And congrats to you and Kiwi.

  2. whatever you do, wear that headbanddddd!!! ga, guaranteed you'll pull it off with the perfect dash of class, charisma, and rock n' roll. have fun at the wedding, my dear.

  3. yes very nice. god damn you urban outfitters (we have a love hate relationship- mostly me hating how much i love their stuff ya know?)

  4. ps: would you mind posting some pics from the wedding? it sounds fantastic.


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