Wednesday, May 6, 2009

bridal bootcamp: week five

okay, so week four has come and gone with no major changes to the workout... but 24 hour fitness was so kind as to send me a coupon for a free session with a personal trainer ( i heart free things) yipee! i was a little nervous going into the session, for a kinesiology major i know very little about actually working out. but, as it turns out the session was incredibly helpful. we went through and my trainer dan taught me two new exercises for each major muscle group. kelly and i are going to use them to supplement our workouts from weeks one two and three. dan was a huge fan of the bosu ball which as it turns out, makes every exercise you've ever learned about 5 times more difficult.

lunges with bosu ball- 3x15
lateral lunges with bosu ball-3x15

single leg rows-3x15 (on cable pulley machine)
single leg lat pull downs- 3x15 (on cable pulley machine)

push ups with bosu ball-3x15
chest press-3x15 (on cable pulley machine)

overhead press-3x15 (standing on bosu) *note: it is super hard to balance... good for the core!
overhead press-3x15 (on cable pulley machine)

bicep curls-3x15 (standing on bosu) *see above note
overhead soccer throw with med ball-3x15 (partner toss)

abdominal twists-3x15 (on cable pulley machine) *note: straight arms, eyes follow hands
sit-ups with med ball -3x15 (sitting on bosu)

*the entire time we never lifted above 10 lb. weights... high repetition, low weight.
** this program is not endorsed by 24 hr. fitness, just passing along what i learned . blah blah blah, disclaimer, blah blah blah.

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